How is Recruitment Outlook in Indian Market Conditions?

How is Recruitment Outlook in Indian Market Conditions?

How is Recruitment Outlook in Indian Market Conditions.

Basically recruitment as a process we all know is about attracting talent to your organisation using various means and resources like advertisements, references and recruiting agencies. In today’s market conditions, it has become difficult for many small and large sized organizations to retain their existing talent due to sluggish growth (or even negative growth in some cases), and lack of enthusiasm in terms of upcoming new projects. Wait and watch is the policy adopted by many across all sectors may it be manufacturing (FMCG, Auto), Banking and Finance or Engineering. The only exception so to say will be Software (IT and ITES) and KPOs and BPOs whose revenues are linked to USD rates which have been on the rise over a year now.

So the big question is that which companies are recruiting in today’s market? Which sectors can be identified as fast growing sectors for recruitment? Which talent resources are in shortage?

Now these questions have many aspects and answers are not easy to be interpreted.

If you take a stock of situation for all those newly passed Grads and Post Grads, say 0-2 years exp., they have today toughest time to get in to some organization. The reason being that all corporate are shying away from campuses and those who dare to come are making offers which are many times below the average offers couple of years back.

The next rung in ladder is people with experience levels of 2 years to 5 years, who hopefully by now have found their first respectful jobs and now vying for more in terms of roles and CTC. Those people should exercise deep caution in their ventures for job change. The reason being that any mistake in judgment may leave them stranding and then the job search begins again!!

For those who have spent more than 5 years working as professionals in any field, then it all comes to what you have done in those five years. If you have developed some niche skills, and built a track record of your own very well, you need not worry… good opportunities will come knocking for you to choose. If that is not so, then there is no point to venture out for a job change just for the sake of it.

How to get in to a good job? How to identify good job openings and opportunities?

Now this has a simple and straight answer… Find a good recruitment consultancy or a manpower agency in Mumbai or Pune or any other Metros in India where you may be located, upload your CV on their website and keep track of current openings on job portals. Normally recruitment agency does not charge the candidates. But if it’s a placement agency then it does charge registration fees, you need to be careful. So it is advisable to stick to those who offer free services of recruitment to candidates and then apply for positions till you get interview call for your desired job. There are also manpower supply agencies in Mumbai who cater to clients in the Gulf and sometimes they do recruit for many MNCs in Dubai, Abudhabi and many other locations. However dealing with them is sometimes dicey, especially those who do not possess license from Govt of India, and it is advisable to know all terms and conditions properly before submitting passports.