Useful Tips for Face To Face Interview

Useful Tips for Face To Face Interview

Useful Tips for Face To Face Interview

A Blue and white Job Interview Tips Coupon with great terms such as dress for success, prepare and more.

Whenever you are looking for change of job, first step is to make your CV, float on portals and submit to recruitment agency in Mumbai / Pune or any other city of your choice for that matter. Some recruitment agencies work for good overseas clients and the location of recruitment agency does not matter in this case. The reason being that even if the recruitment agency is in Mumbai or Pune, the job location can be Abu Dhabi Qatar, Muscat, Singapore or KL. Especially in Oil & Gas recruitment many good agencies are located in Pune and Mumbai who work for esteemed clients in the GCC region. Next step is to prepare for face to face interviews for overseas jobs and some tips below may be found useful for this purpose.

Dressing and Aesthetics:

Wear formal dress clean and ironed. Be calm and maintain your composure, this will help to create an impression about yourself.

How do you present yourself?

What you know is important, but sometimes how you present it is more important. Be selective in your choice of words and phrases, be particular about your body language and never argue with the interviewer. Even if you have a difference of opinion, put it across carefully without getting in to any argument. Many a times what employer is looking for is not Knowledge and Experience, but for Attitude and Dedication. Answer the questions elaborately, cover all points of the question, and however do not answer questions which are not asked or discuss about details in which interviewer may not be interested. Try to Understand Company / project details and position details from the employer; this will help in resolving issues that may arise at later stage.

Be prepared for some obvious questions which are as below:

Please introduce yourself

Why did you change last job / any previous job?

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Documents and details:

If you are asked about your present salary details, give correct information. You will have to submit supporting documents if you are offered and agree to join. Always carry last three months salary slips with you during the interview; however do not submit unless asked for. Carry with you all documents/ certificates of award, increments and appreciation letters etc. received from your current and past employers. These can be displayed during the interview at appropriate time when asked for.

For any interview for overseas position, carry your passport with you. This is required for verification of your visa and emigration status. Do not submit the passport to any unauthorized person unless you are sure about credibility of the agency and employer.

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